El Perro Del Hortelano

El Perro Del Hortelano
Sunday, August 22, in Woodstock
Sun 4:30
(Peru / 2009 / dir by Renzo Zanelli)
IN PERSON: Directors Renzo Zanelli & Annika Beaulieu, Sunday, August 22nd, 4:30 pm.
Filmed in the Peruvian Amazon with a cast and crew comprised of indigenous and international volunteers, this ambitious feature tells the story of Brus, an artist whose efforts to organize his community to stop oil extraction on native lands are undermined by friend and foe alike.
Nearly co-opted by a local NGO and manipulated by the subversive work of an American researcher, Brus explores the surreal world of volunteerism and development experts. Ultimately he discovers his own way of bringing strength to his community. Winner of the César Vallejo award for best script at the International Environmental Film Festival in Rome, Italy.
Unrated / 98 mins.
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