Dogtooth + surprises

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The short film, Nimic, will screen before Dogtooth.

Saturday, November 4 8:15p
Tuesday, November 7 8:00p


A stirring psychological drama with a dose of absurd black humor about a mother and father who keep their children too protected from the outside world. Now adults, the children explore whatever they can from their family compound. (dir. Yorgos Lanthimos, Greece, 2009, 97 min)

The film seems as much an exercise in perversity as an examination of it…the static wide-screen compositions are beautiful and strange…” –  New York Times


A professional cellist asks a question to a stranger on the subway. She responds by repeating his question. This mimicry rapidly escalates to unexpected heights.
(dir. Yorgos Lanthimos, Germany/US, 2019, 12 m)

“A short, sharp shock…deserves to sit alongside his longer films as an equal and valued addition to the oeuvre.” – British Film Institute