Common Ground

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Tuesday, June 11 5:15p – Free, please RSVP – Stay post-film for a Q&A with local no-till, regenerative farmer ​​Suzanne Kelly of Green Owl Farm, a CSA in Rhinebeck. 

This highly anticipated sequel to the documentary, Kiss the Ground, exposes the underbelly of our broken food system, while offering hope.  Laura Dern, Woody Harrelson, Rosario Dawson, and Jason Momoa are our guides, as the film introduces us to a movement of white, black, and indigenous farmers who use alternative models of agriculture. These solutions may stabilize both America’s food and economy – before it’s too late. (dir. Joshua Tickell, Rebecca Harrell Tickell, US, 2023, 105m)

Common Ground is structured as a moving letter to the next generation that will inherit the Earth. Dern, Momoa, et al. narrate these “letters” but audiences also see them narrating — as if to drive the point home. It works.” —Movieweb

Suzanne Kelly grows an eclectic mix of crops on less than an acre at Green Owl Farm in Rbk. She raises ginger, turmeric, garlic, saffron, loofas, beets and squash among others. She sells them at the Rhinebeck farmers market, and at her CSA, and also incorporates them in a line of products like her saffron extract , saffron bitters, a saffron face oil and garlic scape flakes. Suzanne is also the Administrator of the natural burial ground in Rhinebeck. She is going to talk about planting without tilling.

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