Citizens of the World

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Writer, director, star Gianni Di Gregorio, Italy’s answer to Larry David, returns to the humanist comic territory of his arthouse hits Mid-August Lunch and The Salt of Life with Citizens of the World, a warm and delightful reflection on life with characters you’ll want to spend more time with after the credits roll.

Three Italian retirees in their seventies are seriously considering moving away from their roots in Rome to find a place to live in a country where their meager pensions will go further. The Professor (Di Gregorio), retired after teaching Latin his whole life, is getting bored; Giorgetto, one of the last true Romans, struggles to make ends meet every month; and Attilio, a hippie-esque antique dealer hopes to revisit the passions and emotions of his youth. Planning for the scouting trip, the trio trawl the pubs and restaurants of a sun-saturated Rome and discover that, even having reached senior-dom, they can still learn one or two lessons about life and themselves.


Italy/2020/dir by Gianni de Gregorio / 90 mins