Che: Parts one and two

Che - A Revolutionary Life - Part 1 & 2Che - A Revolutionary Life - Part 1 & 2
April 7-9
These films are for separate admission. See both on same night, get 2nd ticket at member price.

Tues 5:45
Wed-Thurs 8:20

Tues 8:20
Wed-Thurs 5:45


(US/2008/Steven Soderbergh)
Steven Soderbergh’s two-part film CHE, starring Benicio Del Toro (USUAL SUSPECTS, TRAFFIC) aspires to be the definitive epic on the controversial revolutionary figure.
Spanning 4 1/2 hours over two films, CHE: PART ONE – THE ARGENTINE is devoted to Guevara’s experience as a revolutionary soldier and guerrilla leader in the Cuban Revolution. CHE: PART TWO – THE GUERRILLA begins with Castro discussing Guevara’s disappearance and focuses on his eventual murder in Bolivia. Based on his memoir, Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War, the films explore Guevara’s life – from his education as a revolutionary to his development as a leader.  Some scenes are deeply moving, and the film is not entirely concerned with gritty warfare. Rather, impressionistic sequences — the open and vulnerable faces of campesinos, the devotion of young warriors or the deprivation of children — are poignantly presented, augmented by Alfredo Iglesias’ gorgeously simple and melodic score. There’s a romanticism to these guerrillas in Eden, even if they are carrying guns.
R / 130 mins each film
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