Chasing Ice

Dec 22 – 23
Sat 7:45
Sun 3:00
(USA / 2012 / Directed by Jeff Orlowski)
Unrated / 76 mins.
With big-screen vistas and an engaging personality at its center, Chasing Ice follows the mission of photographer James Balog to capture breathtaking images of the world’s glaciers in retreat.
After spending years photographing for National Geographic, Balog gathered a team of researchers and launched Extreme Ice Survey, the most comprehensive photographic study of glaciers ever attempted. Via stationary cameras in Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, and Montana, the team captures the shifting life of ice formations throughout the year. Following the team through the first stage of their campaign, filmmaker Jeff Orlowski watches as their impressive coordination fails in the field. But Balog refuses to quit even when his own body fails, and the work he produces – which brings viewers close to glacial waterfalls, massive bergs, and 300-foot-high shelves breaking into the ocean – provides important and visceral evidence of glaciers’ astonishing shrinkage rate.
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