Abby Hollander Band

Abby Hollander is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and award-winning songwriter originally from Woodstock, NY. In 2013 she formed her band in Brooklyn, NY to perform her original songs in a traditional bluegrass setting.

Jason Borisoff is co-founder of the Brooklyn Bluegrass Collective and plays guitar, sings harmony, and co-writes songs. Ellery Marshall provides the banjo sound that is one of the group’s trademark features. Jacob Tilove is a mandolin player and singer known for his work in The Lonesome Trio. The group is regularly joined some of the north east’s best fiddle players.  

All the musicians play an active role in helping Abby arrange her songs, making the band a dynamic, collaborative experience rooted equally in the time-honored sounds of bluegrass and the 21st century city they call home. The band has been featured in numerous bluegrass festivals and publications, including as emerging artists at the 2015 Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival. 

Their self-titled debut album is now available for download on iTunes and Amazon, and on CD at any of their shows.

Bard Conservatory

The Bard Conservatory offers unparalleled musical opportunities for its students. The Conservatory Orchestra performs regularly on campus, in New York City, and in semiannual concert tours to Asia or Europe. Students frequently perform alongside faculty in chamber music concerts at Bard, in regional chamber music concert series, and in concerts for the Bard Music Festival. Concerto competition winners from the undergraduate instrumental and graduate Vocal Arts Programs perform with either the Bard Conservatory Orchestra or the American Symphony Orchestra.

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The Blue Dahlia

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“From Brooklyn, The Blue Dahlia, led by singer Dahlia Dumont, switch from reggae to klezmer, Americana to a French-Mexican waltz, on a cheerfully easygoing global fusion set, La Tradition Américaine.” – Robin Denselow

Dahlia Dumont: vocals, ukulele-player, singer-songwriter.

Brooklyn-girl, but a nomad at heart, Dahlia Dumont traveled the world from an early age, always absorbing the cultural and musical influences in her path. Her Eastern European heritage and her years as an anthropology student and teacher in France and Senegal shaped her musical palette, and in 2012 she created her project The Blue Dahlia. 

The Blue Dahlia: Lyrics in English and French, French and Mexican accordion, klezmer violin, warm and joyous rhythms of reggae, ska and Latin America, the sensual voice of jazz and French chanson. The music can be heard as an acoustic trio in the intimate bistros of New York and Paris, as well as the electric big band in venues and festivals around the world. 

Dahlia’s debut album The Blue Dahlia was released in 2015; the second, La Tradition Américaine, in the August 2018, with her single En Dehors du Temps, released in June 2016. Two new EP’s set to release by summer 2020.

Today, Dahlia lives between New York and Paris, with a different band in each city. The musicians of New York and Paris are both featured on La Tradition Américaine.




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Wolftones is an accordion and violin duo playing original music ranging from contemplative to howling. Rooted in vernacular music and song, Ben Russell (violin) and Matt Schreiber (accordion) create music that is conversational, generous, and cathartic. The duo has been psychically dislocating satisfied audiences for over a decade.


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M’Bollo means gathering people together in Senegal’s national language, Wolof. 

The music is written and arranged by singer Amadou Diallo. Amadou brings the ancient rhythms of Africa to the present tense with the use of western instruments such as electric guitar, standup bass, mandolin, and banjo. 

The music is upbeat, positive, and super fun to dance to. 

Amadou Diallo lives in Rosendale, NY and has performed with numerous groups including: Fakoly Dance and Drum, Forest Sacre, The Saruba Group, Vanaver Caravan, Foliba, Nego Gato, and John Specker in the group Shout Loula. 


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Based in Hudson, NY, Brasskill is a lively 15-piece party brass band whose mission is to get your party out on the dance floor. Bringing funky decibels to parties, festivals, parades and other merry gatherings in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas, Brasskill’s high-energy live performances feature a driving percussion section, shiny, melodic horns, innovative band choreography, LED lights, and the finest thrift store sparkly attire that one can find. The band’s wide-ranging repertoire includes music from the New Orleans second line tradition, punk and pop covers, international grooves, as well as original compositions and arrangements.

The Heartstrings

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Gypsy Jazz is said to have been started by guitarist Jean “Django” Reinhardt in the 1930s. As its origins are largely from France, it is often called by the French name Jazz Manouche. Reinhardt was noted for combining a dark, chromatic gypsy flavor with the swing articulation of the period.

The Heartstrings performs the very best in traditional and postmodern jazz manouche, creating the perfect atmosphere for any venue or gathering desiring to emulate the exciting sounds of the 1930’s French jazz scene.

Benji Kaplan featuring Rita Figueiredo

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(Hudson Valley based guitarist, composer arranger & vocalist)
The son of a native Cuban percussionist father and visual artist mother, Benji Kaplan has followed his arts-filled upbringing with a particular focus upon the classical forms of Brazilian music. Fully informed not only in Brazilian and popular music, but also by Jazz, the emerging composer crafts his own mix of Brazilian music ingeniously spiced with the full gamut of his rich musical understanding. He beautifully expresses his unique vision with ensembles ranging from string quartets to wind ensembles of varying shapes and sizes.

His penultimate album – Chorando Sete Chores – features 13 pieces for acoustic guitar and wind quintet. His previous album Uai Sô vividly demonstrates his enormous scope, combining strings, brass and woodwinds in various combinations ranging from seven to twelve instruments. In 2018 Benji released his 5th album entitled Benji & Rita, this time in duo partnership with his wife Rita Figueiredo. Together they explore the intimacy of Voice and guitar, blending intricate harmonies with stories of Rita’s homeland, Brazil in all of its beauty, complexity, simplicity and irony.


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The Brooklyn, NY based trio Dolunay (Turkish for “full moon”) draws upon the songs from the Turkish people living across Rumeli, the former region of the Ottoman Balkans.

Dolunay’s intimate sound, sparse in loudness and textured with the dissonance of eastern blues, gives way to a sound at once earthy and celestial, the size of which defies that of the small makeup of the band.

“The band weaves a bristling tapestry that runs the gamut from quiet and moody, to suspenseful and serpentine, to a sort of elegantly feral dancing quality”
—New York Music Daily

Shutterdog Duo featuring Eric Archer

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Led by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matt Nobile, Shutterdog features a rotating line-up of musicians who introduce U.S. audiences to non-western music. By blending elements of Arabic, Afro-Cuban and Indian music into a western songwriting context, Shutterdog provides a crucial first step for listeners to begin exploring other cultures.


Mac & Cheez

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Mac & Cheez is an acoustic group specializing in traditional and modern village and urban folk music from the southern Balkans.

Their repertoire features music from Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greek, and Turkey and is strongly influenced by Roma and Ottoman cultures and traditions. This music is typically performed for social-cultural occasions such as weddings, holidays and annual village festivals celebrating the seasons.

Tim Allen (saxophone) and Matthew “Max” Fass (accordion)bring an ancient-modern musical synthesis from the regions where East and West overlap and present it in their own style to audiences throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Lara Hope Trio

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Lara Hope Trio is an acoustic iteration of Hudson Valley Roots Rockers, Lara Hope & The Ark tones. Describing their sound, Lara Hope explained “I would say we are a new take on an old sound. It’s been described as ‘pan-americana’ which means we use many areas of early rock and roots music as a creative launchpad. Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess!”

The Forefathers

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The Forefathers are an organ based Soul and Funk ensemble who lay down solid grooves, smooth melodies with just the right bite. The band  performs a mixture of original music as well as contemporary material set in tone of the great organ groups of the 1960’s and 70’s. 

Zac and Miles

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Zac and Miles are a songwriting duo from the Hudson Valley. Their energetic alternative rock invokes intimate narrative driven folk songs, and hard hitting indie-rock. Passenger Side, their debut album (out Fall 2021) invites the listener to ride shotgun through stories of love, loss, death, and triumph. The first single “Idiot Kids” reckons with the end of a relationship through grunge tones and multiple perspectives.

Simi Stone

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Simi Stone is a singer, musician and visual artist from Woodstock NY. She has performed around the world to crowds big and small, violin and guitar by her side. Simi has recorded and appeared with legendary talents, including Natalie Merchant, David Byrne, Charles Bradley, The Gypsy Kings and Neko Case. Her mission is to ease her audience through the rough edges of life. Simi is excited to play a rare stripped down set for Upstate Films on July 17th 2021 at Kaatsbaan Cultural Park in Tivoli, NY  in celebration of her birthday and special showing of David Byrne’s “American Utopia movie”.

For more information on Simi’s artwork and music: 

Shana Falana

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The latest from NY psych/shoegaze rocker Shana Falana, Darkest Light (Arrowhawk Records) explores extreme contrasts and the process of conversion. From anthemic pop (“Go Higher”) into gutsy sludge rock (title track) and moments of elegant, minimalist beauty (“Come and Find Me”), Darkest Light is described by Falana as “druggy music by sober people.” In her 40s and owning it, the veteran of the San Francisco and Brooklyn experimental pop scenes finds themes of rebirth and empowerment in the darkest materials. Falana worked for the third time with producer D. James Goodwin (Kevin Morby, Wand) to craft a record of great sonic and thematic substance. Shana combines live looping of reverb-drenched vocals and guitar with tribal drums and stunning visual projections. Her live experience has often been described as transcendental.

“Psychedelic dream pop dashed on the rocks of goth defiance” -Stereogum

“If you want to zone out, Shana Falana’s alluring debut LP gives many opportunities to do so.” -Pitchfork