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Hudson Valley Picture Show

In Lenox, Massachusetts, a local treasure, The Bookstore, is in danger, due to the pandemic and changing tastes. The town rallies to help the store and its beloved owner, Matt Tannenbaum, whose passion for stories runs deep. Named one of Variety’s “10 Best Films of 2022 (so far)“. This special screening will include a discussion of independent booksellers. (U.S., 2022, 86m)

“Compelling and heartwarming … worthy of Hollywood magic created by Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart.” –Boston Globe

Live music at 6:45p/Film at 7:30p followed by a discussion

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

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Hudson Valley Picture Show

Featuring a live original score by the Anvil Orchestra

Robert Wiene’s inventive, chilling and entertaining film forever altered modern storytelling, solidifying expressionism, psychological storytelling and the horror film as powerful forces even today. The film follows a mad scientist (Werner Krauss) who has hypnotized a servant (Conrad Veidt), and when a man is murdered, the whodunnit begins to unfold. Filled with strange and discomfiting angles and shapes, the film unfolds in an atmosphere of paranoia, and it is as powerful after 100 years as it was for its original viewers. The film is accompanied by the Anvil Orchestra, with Roger Miller and Terry Donahue, who have been playing with silent films for 30+ years. (Germany, 1920, 90m).

$14 general/$10 Upstate Members

“This gothic masterpiece has seeped into the very soul of movie-making itself, continuing to cast its unbreakable spell—thrilling, chilling, electrifying.” -Guardian

Moonage Daydream

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Hudson Valley Picture Show

With this free-form biography of David Bowie, the master documentary filmmaker Brett Morgen has crafted a cinematic odyssey exploring an unparalleled creative, spiritual and musical journey. The film features captivating, never-before-seen footage and performances spanning 50+ years of writing, performing, making art and breaking boundaries, and features 40 newly remastered songs—it’s the first film sanctioned by the David Bowie estate, with full access to his archives. (U.S., 2022, 140m)

“Magnificently mind-bending … almost as extraordinary as the man himself.” –Time Out

Live music at 6:30p/Film at 7:00p

Stephen Bluhm‘s compelling music channels a myriad of time and style, including punk, songbook standards, synth pop, 60’s girl groups and folk. The captivating amalgam is pop music but driven by imaginative arty twists both distinctive and singular. His compelling theatricality is enriched with Bluhm’s captivating vocals and always catchy lyrical riffs.

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Hudson Valley Picture Show

In deep space, on their way home, the crew of the commercial starship Nostromo is awakened from their cryo-sleep capsules after receiving a distress call from an alien vessel. After discovering a nest of eggs, the terror starts. Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic, as visually rich and scary as when it was released, stars Sigourney Weaver, Yaphet Kotto, Harry Dean Stanton, Tom Skerritt, John Hurt and Ian Holm. (U.K., 1979, 117m).

“(With the) luminous splendor of its photography … reminds us once more that science fiction is the story of inner space.” –Sight and Sound

The Hungry March Band is an American brass band with a repertoire of originals and traditionals that borrows from global brass band traditions, including Balkan Roma music, Indian wedding bands, and New Orleans second line. The band also references punk rock, techno, hip hop, various jazz traditions, reggae and chance music. They cite Sun Ra, Charlie Parker, John Cage, the Shyam Brass Band, the Skatalites, Sonic Youth, Weird Al Yankovic and Black Sabbath as influences.

“H.M.B. got the otherwise-mellow crowd dancing and cheering, making it clear why they are in such high demand.”
— The Villager

Miracles on Montgomery: Highlights from Upstate Films’ First 50 Years


Hudson Valley Picture Show

Rescheduled to October due to weather. New date to be announced.

Since 1972, the Upstate Films team has been finding and sharing the world’s best movies, along with the occasional live event. We’ve built a program of cinematic delights, including short films, excerpts and various oddities, and some other surprises. It’s an evening sure to delight movie lovers of all kinds.

Musical guest: The Wolftones

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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Hudson Valley Picture Show

When an Indiana man (Richard Dreyfuss) witnesses an unidentified flying object—he even gets a “sunburn” from its bright lights to prove it—he ignores the skeptics all around him and gives his all to pursue the truth. Steven Spielberg’s intense but magical masterpiece still resonates 45 years after its release. (U.S., 1977, 132m).

“Astonishing … one of the great moviegoing experiences.” –Roger Ebert

NKODIA (Nkoula Badila) is a Multidisciplinary Creator based in Hudson New York. Her music gains much influence and inspiration from her upbringing , doing Traditional Kongolese drumming and dance in her family Dance troup Diata Diata. Theater and the arts are woven into all that she does. NKODIA also has her own jewelry line, creating custom beaded Medicine pieces which are available online (www.nkodia.art) or after the show! NKODIA’s latest work is her self made album titled “NZODIAK” released in early July. The Album was made in honor of Zodiac lessons she received throughout the year, universal connections and messages . “I hope to share how much medicine each month holds, its gifts and Astral powers!” NKODIA has written/composed/mixed/and produced the whole album herself. It is available on all platforms for you to enjoy!

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The Big Lebowski

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Hudson Valley Picture Show

Musical guest: Gregory Stovetop (and light show by B.A. Miale)

Nothing bothers Jeff Lebowski (Jeff Bridges), aka The Dude, who spends his time bowling and chilling. But when two thugs break into his apartment with the errant belief that they’re strong-arming a Pasadena millionaire, ‘the Dude’ is activated. The Coen Brothers have big fun in this tale of tangled identity, bowling, White Russians and kidnapping. With John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Turturro and Sam Elliot.

Gregory Stovetop plans on playing with a drummer & bassist and is stoked about learning ccr tunes.Gregory Stovetop is a riff-rock space cowboy hailing from Michigan and landed in the Hudson Valley. This working-class songbird sings romantic rock ’n roll for the cosmic-hearted.
B.A. Miale is a prolific video creator and live projection artist. Aside from directing and editing dozens of music videos, she taught herself how to trigger visuals in real-time on a keytar and has created over 500 psychedelic visual sets to date.


“Storytelling brilliance … immensely inventive and entertaining.” –BBC

The Adventures of Prince Achmed

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Hudson Valley Picture Show

One of the most remarkable achievements in film history, Lotte Reiniger’s animated tale* follows our hero who, after being tricked by a wicked sorcerer, survives a series of wondrous adventures. Reiniger used intricately crafted cardboard cutouts, achieving a magical silhouette effect that remains enchanting nearly 100 years later. One of the first animated features (and the only that survives), it is infinitely charming, and serves as a reminder of women’s forgotten but essential contributions to the history of cinema. (Germany, 1926, 60m)

“A masterpiece.” –Jean Renoir

*Based on One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, a text which Frederic Church had several copies of in his own library.

 $14 general/$10 Upstate and The Olana Partnership members/free for children under 12 and PANORAMA participants

Doors open at 7 with pre-screening presentation and film to follow at sunset.

“…Vibraphonist, bassist, composer, pianist, educator and creative adventurer, [Bill] Ware’s genre-bending career, well into its fourth decade, has been nothing short of riveting. A founding member of the Jazz Passengers and Groove Collective, he’s also collaborated with Steely Dan, John Zorn, JD Parran, Marc Ribot, Bobby Sanabria, Deborah Harry, the BBC Concert Orchestra…and many more.” -John Pietaro

Come early to enjoy food & beverages by Joust organic cafe.

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