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Saturday, September 23 7:00p
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Wednesday, September 27 7:00p

Santana’s life is like a Jungian hero’s journey, beginning as a boy in his impoverished hometown, then accepting a call to action to become a rockstar, then crossing the threshold of Woodstock, where his life again shifts and changes. With every turn, Santana seems to grow stronger, better, more fully-realized, so that now at 75-years-old, even his oldest hits sound new again. It’s a testament to his talent and his dynamic inventiveness. (dir. Rudy Valdez, U.S. 2023, 87 min.)

“He tells us that music is what he does, not who he is. But we can see that it’s both….Watching these rec-room noodlings, you see that he’s someone who literally breathes music.” – Variety