Cairo Time

October 4 – 7
Mon 7:30
Tues 7:30
Wed 7:30
Thur 7:30

(Canada, Egypt / 2009 / dir by Ruba Nadda)
CAIRO TIME is both a love letter to a city and a sweeping romantic drama in the tradition of such films as BRIEF ENCOUNTER and LOST IN TRANSLATION.
Juliette (Patricia Clarkson) is a fashion editor who arrives in Cairo for a vacation with her long-time husband (Tom McCamus), a UN official working in Gaza. When he is unavoidably delayed, he sends his friend Tareq (Alexander Siddig), who had been his security officer for many years, to escort her throughout the beautiful, dangerous, and exotic city. Juliette finds herself falling in love not only with the city but also with her guide. From the surprise of men-only cafes, to the aroma of a hookah pipe, to the expanse of the Nile, the film, reminiscent of the restrained, emotional tension in the work of Jane Austen, captures the seductive charm of Cairo as well as the unexpected, unrequited love between an Arab man and a North American woman.
PG / 90 mins.
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