Caesar Must Die

In Rhinebeck
April 2
Wednesday April 2 at 3:45
(Italy / 2012 / Directed by the Taviani Brothers)
The Tavianis, now in their eighties, makers of such art house hits as PADRE PADRONE and NIGHT OF THE SHOOTING STARS blur the line between fiction and reality in this powerful drama-within-a-drama as inmates in Rome’s Rebibbia prison stage Shakespeare’s JULIUS CAESAR.
Following a competitive casting process, the roles are allocated and the prisoners murderers, drug dealers, Mafiosi – begin exploring the text, finding in its tale of fraternity and betrayal parallels to their own lives. The play’s air of menace comes through with an eerie gravity, lending ancient history a jolt. Shot in mostly black-and-white, with a few color sequences that reconnect the prison, and the prisoners, to the surrounding world. Winner of the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. In Italian with subtitles.
Unrated / 76 mins
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