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(Australia / 2009 / wr. & dir. by Jane Campion)
Academy Award winner Jane Campion, the only woman to win the prestigious Cannes Film Festival’s Palme d’Or (THE PIANO), has a new film that’s based on the early nineteenth century romance between the young British poet John Keats and the girl next door.
In 1818, Keats (Ben Whishaw) was a mere 23 when he fell for Fanny Brawne (Abbie Cornish), an outspoken student of fashion. Keats was so touched by her efforts to help care for his ill younger brother that he agreed to teach her poetry. By the time Fanny’s alarmed mother and Keats’s best friend Mr. Brown realized their attachment, the relationship had an unstoppable momentum. Intensely and helplessly absorbed in each other, the young lovers were swept away with powerful new sensations: “I have the feeling as if I were dissolving”, Keats wrote to her.
R. / 119 mins.
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