Brad’s Status

Oct 17 - 19 Woodstock










Ben Stiller, Luke Wilson, Jenna Fischer, and Michael Sheen star in this comedy from director Mike White (Chuck and Buck, The Good Girl, Beatriz at Dinner). Examining the human tendency to take stock around middle age, the story teeters on a man’s waffling self-perceptions as he compares his life against his friends’ lives, and his current position against his youthful aspirations.

Brad Sloan (Stiller) is a Sacramento head of a non-profit who looks to the outside world like a success. He has a comfortable home, a loving wife, and a talented son who’s off to college. But when he accompanies his son on his college tour back east, he comes into contact with his own former buddies, all of whom seem to him sensationally loaded. Whether they’ve become philanthropists, best-selling authors, or successful political pundits, Brad’s former acquaintances make him doubt his own life choices. Hilarious and poignant, Brad’s Status neither shies away from the absurdity of its protagonist’s insecurities nor denies the depths of his existential crisis. As with all of Mike White’s projects, the film speaks to our most uncomfortable feelings and finds dignity in the unvarnished truth.

(USA / 2017 / Directed by Mike White)
R / 1 hr 41 mins.