BOMBAY MOVIE (with filmmaker Q&A and catered reception)

In Rhinebeck 
Saturday May 10
2:30 pm*
(India, USA / 2014 / Directed by Alexandra Eaton)
*In Person: Director Alexandra Eaton. The film will be followed by a filmmaker Q&A and a catered reception at Cinnamon Indian Cuisine.
Tickets $15 Adults / $14 Seniors and Students / $13 Members. ON SALE NOW at the Rhinebeck box office.
In Bombay, a city of brutal working conditions and success stories so unreal they could be fairy tales, Raja Menon sets out to make a movie about the men and women who quietly serve the city’s wealthy.
A far cry from India’s typical song and dance films, Barah Aana has one problem: Bollywood would never make this film. To tell his story about the working poor, Menon enlists two foreign producers, a star cast, and a hardworking and seasoned film crew. Battling crowds and corruption, the team looks like a circus in the slums where they are shooting and like outlaws in the rarefied suburbs. Determined to succeed, they overcome every obstacle and finance their film’s release. But when opening weekend arrives, they face a new problem. How will they convince people who see extreme hardship every day to pay the high price to see it fictionalized on screen? Directed by Bard College graduate Alexandra Eaton, Bombay Movie is an intelligently composed film-within-a-film. Capturing the heart and the tenacity it takes to make an independent feature, Eaton’s documentary gives us a glimpse at the effects of the world’s massive entertainment industries, and a taste of the perseverance it takes to stand apart.
Unrated / 58 mins.
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