Bob Marley: One Love w/ Live Musical Tribute



A LIVE FROM UPSTATE event, featuring Upstate Reggae Possie (Musicians from Jamaica and Trinidad) performing a Marley tribute before the Bob Marley: One Love premiere.

This show is SOLD OUT

Wednesday, February 14 6:30

A musical drama that transcends Bob Marley’s public persona and weaves intimate biographical moments gleaned from the people closest to him. Produced by Rita and Ziggy Marley (among others), and starring Kingsley Ben-Adir and Lashana Lynch, this film acts as the heartbeat to Bob Marley’s own musical journey. (dir. Reinaldo Marcus Green, U.S, 2024, 107m)

Pre screening performers: Upstate Reggae Possie – The Upstate Reggae Posse group is composed of musicians from Jamaica and Trinidad, now with a home in the Hudson Valley. They will perform a Marley tribute laced through with a message of rebellion, resistance, love, and hope.