Black ’47

Mar 17 Rhinebeck




Set during the Irish famine, Black ’47 tells the story of a British army deserter who returns home to find his mother dead of starvation and his brother hanged, leading him down a path of justice for both his family and country.

It is 1847, two years into the famine, and one million people have already perished. When Feeney (James Frecheville) returns to west Ireland after having fought for the British army abroad, he finds his home uninhabitable. While he had planned to relocate to the US, the horrors and injustices he bears witness to steer him toward another path — one that finds him exerting his wrath upon officials, collaborators, and others in power. A four-man crew is dispatched to stop Feeney, among them Hannah (Hugo Weaving), who fought alongside him. Hannah, too, has run afoul of the law, and joining the hunt for his former comrade is his only hope of averting his own death sentence. Filled with haunting vistas of blighted landscapes, riveting moments, and mesmerizing performances from a cast featuring Stephen Rea, Freddie Fox, Barry Keoghan, and Jim Broadbent, Black ’47 offers a tour of a period in Irish history that no viewer will soon forget.

(Ireland, Luxembourg / 2018 / Directed by Lance Daly)
R / 1 hr 40 mins.

Sunday, March 17th at 2:30pm in Rhinebeck
This screening is sponsored by Solas an Lae
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