Before Midnight

July 15 – 18
Mon 5:30
Tues 5:30
Wed 8:00
Thur 8:00 (last show)

(USA / 2013 / Dir by Richard Linklater)
R / 108 mins
Here’s the stand alone, but also third installment of a truly rich, rewarding, and unusual American endeavor, a well-acted and scripted journey of two characters – played by Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke – over the course of nearly twenty years.
Rolling Stones magazine film critic Peter Travers says it well:
“It’s got the talk – lovers having at each other until they get the final word. It’s got the sex – the cozy familiarity of sensual nuzzling until things turn fierce and carnal. Whatever a modern love story is, BEFORE MIDNIGHT takes it to the next level. It’s damn near perfect. But it’s also stealthy about playing its hand. What’s modern about two lovers, Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy), who aren’t teenagers – or even vampires? And sun-baked Greece, where the film is set, is ancient. Yet director Richard Linklater, who wrote the script with the actors, infuses the movie with the ardent, awkward freshness of a first kiss. What happens? Nothing. And everything. The dialogue sings, then singes. Even the laughs leave bruises. You might duck. I’m not him. She’s not me. But, come on. Together, in all their tangled intimacy, Jesse and Celine are us.”
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