Beautiful Boy

Nov 10 - 12 Woodstock








Golden Globe Nominee – Best Supporting Actor (Timothée Chalamet)
Fresh from his breakout role in Call Me By Your Name, Academy Award nominee Timothée Chalamet turns in a remarkable performance as a young man suffering from addiction.

David Sheff (Steve Carell) is a kind, loving, middle-class dad. He and his wife, Vicki (Amy Ryan), seem to have done everything right for their family. So when their son Nic (Chalamet) gets addicted to methamphetamine, David can’t believe it, can’t stop it, and can’t help but risk everything to try to get his son back. Adapting the bestselling books that David Sheff and Nic Sheff wrote about their experiences, Felix van Groeningen (With Friends Like These, The Broken Circle Breakdown) brings both realism and poetry to a timely story.

(USA / 2018 / Directed by Felix van Groeningen)
R / 1 hr 52 mins.