Beatriz at Dinner

July 17 - 20 Woodstock










Garnering attention as “the first great film of the Trump era,” Beatriz at Dinner explores the widening gulf between the world’s haves and have-nots. Using a dinner party at a swanky hilltop home as a window onto the oppressive forces of wealth and privilege, collaborators Miguel Arteta and Mike White (Chuck and Buck, The Good Girl) craft a story that uniquely comments on power struggles in contemporary America.

Beatriz (Salma Hayek), a Mexican-American massage therapist and holistic medical worker, has spent her adult life caring for the sick. When her car breaks down and she is stranded at a client’s luxurious Newport Beach home, her well-meaning employer Kathy (Connie Britton) insists she join them for a dinner party that evening. A celebration of her husband’s latest business venture, the party is intimate, and Beatriz quickly becomes acquainted with all of the guests — including Doug Strutt (John Lithgow), a ruthless billionaire real-estate developer. She listens uncomfortably while Doug brags about his aggressive business tactics, but when it’s hinted that he may be embroiled in environmental and labor scandals, she can no longer hold her tongue. As opposing world views collide, Beatriz’s pent up outrage spills out in a way that surprises even herself. With ferocity and humor, Beatriz at Dinner deftly portrays the cocoon of wealth and the shamelessness of those who seek it at all costs.

(USA / 2017 / Directed by Miguel Arteta)
R / 1 hr 23 mins.