Attack The Block

In Woodstock
Oct 23 – 27

Sun 6:00 8:00
Mon 6:00
Tue 8:00
Wed 8:00
Thu 8:00

(UK / 2011 / Directed by Joe Cornish)
Rated: R / 88 mins.
A group of tough inner-city kids go toe-to-toe with an invading force of marauding alien creatures.  From the producers of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, this action-comedy won over audiences at Sundance last year melding terror, laughs, and a dose of class commentary.
Set in a rough neighborhood in South London, the story takes place during the course of Bonfire Night, or Guy Fawkes Day.  As the fireworks go off all around the city, strange and powerful creatures begin falling from the sky.  The gang manages to kill the first alien that they encounter, but as they take the corpse up to their gang-boss’s hideout, they quickly realize that there are many more creatures descending on London.  Eager to kill more of the invaders, the gang sets out into the night to battle the horde.
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