At Any Price

May 13 – 16
Mon 7:30
Tues 7:30
Wed 7:30
Thurs 7:30 (last show)
(2012 / USA / Directed by Ramin Bahrani)
R / 105 mins.
On their 3,000 acre farm in the heart of Iowa, Henry (Dennis Quaid) rides high in his ultra-mechanized tractor while his wife Irene (Kim Dickens) presides over a large and comfortable farmhouse. But when a terrible crime threatens their security, the family closes ranks and Henry’s moral conscience is put to the test.
In the competitive world of modern agriculture, ambitious Henry Whipple (Dennis Quaid) dreams of expanding his land into an empire with his son Dean (Zac Efron), though Dean has race-car-driving dreams of his own. With the farm leveraged in the millions, Henry travels the state selling Liberty Seeds to supplement his family’s income and secure their success. Garrulous and glad-handing, he is a natural salesman, but when he is caught in a bind, his wide-toothed smile thinly masks his desperation. As his own farming operations become subjected to surveillance by Liberty, Henry is accused of re-using their patented GMO seed corn. Like Monsanto, Liberty holds the patent on life itself. And when father and son are pushed into crises that threaten their livelihood, the stage is set for drama. In the days surrounding the Whipple family’s old-fashioned Customer Appreciation Day Picnic, classic American heartland ethics collide with the ruthlessly competitive realities of industrial-scale farming.
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