Oct 23 Rhinebeck




Wednesday, October 23rd at 8:15 in Rhinebeck
Upstate Films and SunCommon co-present this FREE documentary screening about the challenges ecologists and conservationists face in the lucrative salmon-hatchery industry.

The commercial seafood supply chain is complex and often produces unreliable information. To highlight the high stakes of this industry and help viewers understand how to responsibly source their seafood, Artifishal talks to leading scientists and fish-conservation groups. Positing that hatcheries and open-water fish farms are driving wild fish to extinction around the world, the film documents the high cost of our reliance on human-engineered solutions, explores our loss of faith in nature, and shows how communities and ecosystems are impacted as wild salmon slide toward extinction.

*Artifishal was produced by Patagonia, who, like SunCommon, is a certified B Corporation that aims to balance purpose with profit.

(USA / 2019 / Directed by Josh Murphy)
Unrated / 1 hr 15 mins.

This screening is being presented for free thanks to the generous support of SunCommon.