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Starr · Rhinebeck

Part of the ARThouse series

Saturday, June 8 and Thursday, June 14 

Hopeful students engage in a competitive and moving application process for enrollment in The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Documentarians cover the weeding-out process, where professors ask young minds everything from art history to the meaning of climate change. As the interviews progress, each students’ individualism becomes more pronounced, and even their political opinions are gently interrogated. The result is an illuminating film that proves art is a reflection of the self.  (dir. Tomás Bojar/Adéla Komrzý, Czech Republic, 2023, 102m)

“Though often surprisingly blunt, the professors’ line of questioning is far from a critical ambush, but rather an invitation for intellectual discourse; after all, reducing an artwork to gradable qualities is an impossible task.”  —Guardian

“This funny, thoughtful, verité look at the yearly selection process in Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts manages to pack insights about education, societal shifts, and intellectual differences without getting bogged down in culture war cliches.”  —Dmitry Samarov, Chicago Reader