Albert Nobbs

Feb 6 – 9
Mon 7:30
Tue 7:30
Wed 7:30
Thu 7:30 (last show)

(USA/2011/Rodrigo García)
R / 113 mins
Five-time Academy Award nominee Glenn Close stars in a touching period tale of a woman living her life as a man.  Her secret is threatened after thirty years of keeping up the charade. 
Set in 19th century Dublin, Nobbs has worked for twenty years as a butler in the modest hotel, Morrison’s.  The film turns a careful eye toward the Ireland of yesterday, where social propriety and ritual mask a turbulent set of realities more contentious and taboo.  When Hubert Page, a house-painter is hired by the hotel owner, Albert is shocked to learn that she will be rooming with her for the duration of her painting work.  Albert’s secret becomes all the more difficult to conceal as she begins to have romantic feelings for her new roommate.
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