A Tale of Winter

A tale of winter
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today  7:30 A TALE OF WINTER
(France/1992/Writer/Director Eric Rohmer)
unrated / 114 mins
Winter begins in summer on a beach-in a series of swift snippets in which a stunningly sexy young couple, Felicie (Charlotte Very) and Charles (Frederic Van Dren Driessche) romp, make love and must leave each other as the season quickly shifts.
For decades writer Eric Rohmer was the guiding light of the French auteur school of cinema, and part of the nouvelle vague. He honed his modest personal cinema making such films as MY NIGHT AT  MAUD’S, PAULINE AT THE BEACH, CLAIRE’S KNEE. For Rohmer love and sex are usually viewed morally and intellectually and discussed in depth. Here, however, we witness a young couple, Félicie and Charles, who meet while on holiday, have sex on a beach, and fall deeply in love at the end of summer. And as they must go their separate ways, she inadvertengly gives him the wrong address, and, as a result, he disappears from her life. Five years later, around Christmas time, Félicie is a hairdresser in the Paris suburbs with a daughter (Charles’) and two lovers: the successful hairstylist Maxence and the Catholic intellectual Loïc. She loves them both, but, as she says, “There’s love and love,” and the love that counts is the one she still holds for the long lost Charles. Félicie is one of the most fascinating in Rohmer’s distinguished line of heroines: impulsive, independent, thoughtlessly frank, disarmingly sincere, at once exasperating and enchanting.
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