A Single Man

A Single Man
March 15 – 18
Mon 5:40
Tues 5:40
Wed 8:30
Thurs 8:30 – Last Show
(US / 2009 / dir by Tom Ford)
Fashion designer Tom Ford’s stunning directorial debut about a gay college professor (Colin Firth) who loses his longtime partner.
Adapted from Christopher Isherwood’s 1964 novel, the film takes place in pre-AIDS Los Angeles, when homosexuals were still an invisible minority. True to the times, when his lover Jim (Matthew Goode) dies in a car accident, George is barred from the memorial, which is for “family only.” A gentle man, he grieves quietly, and, heartbroken and isolated, meticulously rehearses his suicide. Sidetracked by the unexpected attentions of a young student (Nicholas Hoult), and impromptu plans with his devil-may-care friend Charley (Julianne Moore), George begins to rethink his fate. Featuring intelligent, award-worthy performances, the film’s palpably beating heart is enhanced by poetic flashbacks, as well as by Ford’s lively and intuitive attention to light and color.
R / 99 mins.
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