A Short History of Decay

July 27
Sunday 3:00
(USA / 2013 / Directed by Michael Maren)
In Person: Writer/Director Michael Maren
Generational differences provide both insight and humor in this unusual story about a failed Brooklyn writer who visits his ailing parents in Florida.
Soon after Nathan’s (Bryan Greenberg) girlfriend dumps him, he learns that his father has had a stroke. Flying home to his parents’ spacious home in Florida, where his dad is recovering and his mom is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, Nathan brings with him a New York City ennui. While he spends most of his time sitting around feeling sorry for himself, to spice things up he chats up a French girl at a bar, has lunch with his mother’s sunny manicurist, and bickers with his visiting older brother. As Nathan gradually begins to question the emptiness of his idleness, director Michael Maren’s story subtly transcends its particulars to become a resonant and revelatory film.
R / 94 mins.
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