A Separation

Mar 26 – 29

Mon 8:10Tue 8:10Wed 5:45Thu 5:45 (last show)
(Iran / 2011 / dir by Ashgar Farhadi)
PG-13 / 120 mins
Winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, and first Iranian film ever to win an Oscar, this well-acted Iranian drama is a fascinating and complex legal/moral tale, a tense thriller that gives a sense of what it means to live in a theocracy with its many special rules.
Two Tehran couples, one well-to-do; the other poor and devout, face-off over an alleged act of physical offense that brings the Islamic state into the act. The relatively well-to-do couple has split up due to the husband’s desire to remain in Tehran for his Alzheimer-suffering father’s sake while his wife, who has finally secured exit visas, is anxious to go to the west where she hopes their young daughter will have a better life. Things get complicated after the husband hires a pious woman to come and care for his father, and his daughter, while he’s at work and his daughter’s at school. Soon nearly everyone – pious and progressive – are ensnared by the state. In Farsi with Subtitles.
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