A Sea Change

A Sea Change
Special Event: Sunday, November 8th with director Barbara Ettinger
12:30 PM Sun, Nov 8th
(US / 2009 / dir. by Barbara Ettinger)
Director Barbara Ettinger will be at Upstate Films for this one special show on Sunday, November 8th, 12:30pm.  Great for kids and parents.
A retired educator becomes interested in, and consumed by, the declining state of the world’s oceans in this warm-hearted documentary.
A life-long sportsman, Sven Huseby considers himself a well-informed environmentalist, but is surprised to learn about the effect of excess carbon dioxide on the ocean. As he learns more, he wrestles with the possibility that his five-year-old grandson Elias will inherit an ocean 
bereft of the fish which have meant so much to their family. From Monterey to the North Pole, Sven seeks out the world’s leading oceanographers to understand the magnitude of the problem and possible solutions. With its genial narration, this film is both a love letter to the planet and an urgent plea to its citizens. A great movie for parents and kids.
unrated / 85 mins.
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