A Royal Affair

Dec 31 – Jan 3

Mon 7:30
Tues 5:30
Wed 5:30
Thur 5:30 (last show)

(Denmark/2012/dir by Nikolai Arcel)
R / 2 hours & 17 mins
In the late 18th C a young English princess is shipped off and wed, for reasons of statecraft, to the king of Denmark, Christian VII.
Set during the Enlightenment, the well-read Caroline (Alicia Vikander), is surprised to discover that Denmark, for all its wealth, remains mired in an anti-intellectual Dark Age. Worse, her new husband Christian VII (Mikkel Følsgaard). is a petulant simpleton, and possibly mad. Lonely, she turns to Johann Friedrich Struensee (Mads Mikkelse0n) — her husband’s physician, a forward thinker and a man who seems to understand her hopes and dreams. The film is visually lovely; Vikander’s soft face looks right out of an 18th-century oil painting. The three actors at its center make it an intimate, almost modern story centering on the love triangle between the ever more insane Danish King, the royal physician with his very modern ideas, and the young but strong Queen. A gripping tale of two brave idealists who risk everything in their pursuit of freedom.
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