A Poem and a Mistake (w/writer Cheri Magid)

October 23

Cheri Magid’s film/play follows the story of Myrrha, a grad student in the classics grappling with the 50 sexual assaults in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, a text beloved by her professor. When he refers to the poem as “being about love,” Myrrha becomes so distraught that she inadvertently pushes him, and suddenly, like the characters in Metamorphoses itself, the professor is transformed into a young woman who looks exactly like Myrrha. “A Poem and a Mistake” is a magical and terrifying confrontation with gender, sexuality, power, and our relationship to desire.

Followed by a conversation with playwright and co-creator Cheri Magid, an Assistant Arts Professor in Dramatic Writing at New York University, the former Tennessee Williams Playwright-in-Residence at Sewanee University and the Susan P. Stroman Visiting Playwright at the University of Delaware.