A Most Violent Year

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in Rhinebeck 
Feb 3 – Feb 5
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(US/2014/Writer/Director J.C. Chandor)
R /110 mins
Dog-eat-dog business competition is at the center of the new film by the writer/director of MARGIN CALL and ALL IS LOST and it’s set in 1981, a terribly violent year in New York City.
Oscar Isaac and Golden Globe nominee Jessica Chastain play a couple with kids who hope to realize the American dream. He’s an immigrant who’s now running her family’s business selling heating oil throughout the boroughs but who soon runs afoul of unscrupulous cut-throat competitors. Casting an unblinking eye on the physical, emotional and moral bottom line, writer/director J.C.Chandor’s film grabs at the lapels and doesn’t let go. Critics favorably compare this tough-minded, bracingly blunt look at the sometimes debilitating cost of doing business with Sidney Lumet’s New York City-set films.

 “A Most Violent Year” presents an honorable man struggling to stay true to his values in the face of temptation. It is also the portrait of a brilliant hustler working a very long con. It’s a terrific movie either way.” – A.O.Scott NYT

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