5 Broken Cameras

Tue May 22 at 7:30

(Israel, France, Netherlands, Occupied Palestinian Territory / 2011 / Dir by Emad Burnat)
UR / 90 mins.
* Shown in conjunction with BANG BANG CUT and FARKAH, two short films by Casey Asprooth-Jackson & Salah Daoud. Casey Asprooth-Jackson In Person Q&A.
When Emad Burnat got his first video camera in 2005, he “never thought of making films.”  He got it to keep a video record of his new family before the arrival of his first son, Gibreel.  On the the same day as his birth, Israeli forces attack their West Bank village, and he is compelled to film both events.
For the next five years he brings his camera to every demonstration against the evictions, wall building, and Israeli settlements being erected at the fringes of their small community.  When a camera is destroyed, usually by being tossed to the ground or shot with a bullet, he gets a new one.  The five cameras each have a story; they witness troubling things, and blend the personal and political history of a small yet enduring place. In Hebrew and Arabic with subtitles. Thank you to Peggy Ahwesh and the Al-Quds Bard Study Abroad Program.
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