45 Years

Feb 19 - 21 Woodstock








This moving portrait of a long-term marriage tells the story of a retired couple (Geoff & Kate Mercer) living quietly in the countryside near a small English village whose plans for their impending 45th wedding anniversary party are thrown asunder when a letter arrives out of the blue notifying Geoff that the dead body of his first love has been discovered, perfectly preserved in a glacier in the Swiss Alps where she fell on their hiking trip nearly fifty years earlier.

This rekindles his long ago past love and life. Kate, unnerved, suffersretrospective jealousy as she begins to reinterpret their decades together. As they try to carry on, we see the bonds of decades threatened and eroded by this emotional landmine. An acting tour-de-force for both Charlotte Rampling (The Night Porter, Swimming Pool, Melancholia, The Verdict, Stardust Memories, The Damned, Georgy Girl, Heading South) and TomCourtenay (Quartet, Doctor Zhivago, Billy Liar, The Dresser, The Loneliness of the long distance runner)  each of whom won Silver Bears for acting at the Berlin Film Festival.

*Academy Award nominee for Best Actress (Rampling)

(UK / 2015 / Directed by Andrew Haigh)
R / 96 mins.