3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Dec 11 - 14 Woodstock










7 Academy Award Nominations: Best Picture, Actress, Supporting Actor (Harrelson), Supporting Actor (Rockwell), Original Screenplay, Editing, Original Score
Winner of the Toronto Film Fest’s prestigious People’s Choice Award. Frances (Fargo) McDormand stars as a grieving mother who’s desperate for answers regarding her daughter’s rape and murder, and who’s so fed up after months of b.s.from the authorities that she erects a trio of billboards criticizing her town’s police chief (Woody Harrelson) for failing to make any arrests.

McDormand’s Mildred Hayes may be the Woman of the Year. Channeling her anger, she takes on her town, Ebbing, and the authorities as her quest for vigilante justice escalates. Larded into this film about grief, forgiveness, and anger, are acute observational moments about racism, war, sexism, in our deeply divided society, all played out in a fictional Missouri town. Ever present is a low-simmering tension that occasionally bursts into violence while releasing emotion that a character is unable to articulate.
“A stupendous showcase for the formidable gifts of McDormand that also provides plum roles for Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell, this is a corrosively humorous drama of festering injustice, Shakespearean rage, grave reckoning and imperfect redemption, which unfolds with the epic dimensions of a classic Western showdown.” – David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter at Venice FF.

(US / 2017 / Directed by Martin McDonagh)
R / 115 mins.