127 Hours

December 13 – 16
Mon 8:15
Tue 8:15
Wed 6:00 8:15
Thur 6:00 8:15 – Last Show
(US, UK / 2010 / dir by Danny Boyle)
Oscar-winning Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting, Sunshine) is back with this tripped-out, virtuosic spectacle, in which James Franco plays Aron Ralston, a real-life rock climber who got trapped in a Utah canyon for five days.
Shortly after frolicking in a cave pool with girls he meets hiking, Aron winds up at the bottom of a canyon with a very large boulder crushing his right hand against the cavern wall. There he stays as hours become days, his water runs out, and death comes ever closer. As time passes, his perception becomes more vivid and abstract, and his dreams, hallucinations, and premonitions begin to take over. With the same deft touch, sensitivity, rapid-fire editing, and superb score he brought to Slumdog Millionaire, Boyle turns Ralston’s near-death tale into a riveting, supersaturated re-enactment that plays like an adrenaline dream.
R / 93 mins.
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